White Glove Service During Transfer of IPv4 Subnets

Regional Registers IPv4 Transfer Process

It can be difficult to understand how to create accounts and safely transfer IPs in ARIN, RIPE or APNIC. Please follow our helpful guides
Find out how to register for an ARIN account and transfer ARIN IPv4 addresses
Find out how to register for an RIPE account and transfer RIPE IPv4 addresses
Find out how to register for an APNIC account and transfer APNIC IPv4 addresses

IPv4 Subnet Transfer Assistance

From our initial interaction, you will notice how helpful our team is. We answer all your questions, assist with tough obstacles working through the intricacies of the RIRs, and always respond same day. Once a buyer decides to purchase an IPv4 block, our support becomes even more involved. We work with both buyer and seller every step of the way to avoid delays and ensure the IPv4 transfer completed within 2-3 weeks.
Transfer IP Space
Buyer Approval
We walk buyers through pre-approval application when needed
Transfer IPv4 Space
Negotiate favorable purchase and transfer terms for both parties
Transfer IPv4 Assets
Provide support to Buyers & Sellers throughout the IPv4 transfer process
Transfer IP Assets
RIR Support
Assist with all necessary documentation required by ARIN, RIPE and APNIC
Assist IPv4 Buyers and Sellers with RIRs
Whether you are preparing to buy IPv4 address range or sell it, the IPv4 transfer process can be rather complicated. Because this is a new market and a new idea, there is some ambiguity as to a safe and legal method of transferring IPv4 assets from one organization to another.

Working alongside the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) such as ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC, our knowledgeable team at IPv4 Connect has created a fully transparent and streamlined system to help simplify this otherwise overwhelming and confusing task.
Seller & IPv4 Address Block Verification
  • Every potential Seller is guided through the process with their Regional Internet Registry to ensure they have full ownership of their IPv4 Address Block prior to bringing them to market
  • The IPv4 Address Block is checked and cleaned from over 100 global IP blacklists
  • The IPv4 Address Block is removed from announcements
  • The IPv4 Address Block is removed from DNS entries
  • Our team has been given full authority to represent and sell listed IPv4 Address Block
Buyer Pre-Approval (ARIN & APNIC)
Specific to ARIN and APNIC, buyers must demonstrate a business justification to be eligible to buy IP address space.

  • Demonstrate usage of at least 50% of the IPv4 addresses over 2 years.
  • Demonstrate 80% usage of the sum of all current IPv4 assignments and allocations
  • If you are using carrier assigned space, it's easy to ask for your own IPv4 space as a way to migrate off carrier blocks and avoid being tied down by a specific company.

IPv4 Purchase & Transfer Process

Buyer will have the ability to review the IPv4 Address Block before making payment

Buyer signs the IPv4 Order Form / Purchase Agreement

Buyer makes secure payment to designated client funds account via wire transfer or

Buyer and Seller are responsible to pay their respective regional Internet registered fees. In the case of escrow, additional fees vary based on total sales amount and will be determined at time of sale

Seller submits the transfer request via online portal with the regional internet registry, and provides the required supporting documents: Typically requires signed documents and other company legal documents

Buyer submits the transfer request with the regional internet registry, linking the ticket with the Seller

Upon successful IPv4 transfer, the online Whois record is updated with Buyers organization in the respective regional internet registry

Payment is released to the Seller

IPv4 Space Transfer

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