Buying on IPv4 Auctions vs IPv4 Connect

Helpful guide to purchasing IP addresses through IPv4 Auctions vs direct on IPv4Connect

Buying IP Addresses in Global Marketplace

Buying IPv4 addresses has been evolving over the past 5 years. While there were limited options when ARIN, RIPE and APNIC ran out of IP addresses in 2015, the IPv4 market has matured with more helpful platforms. With that said, we wanted to provide a comparison of the outdated IPv4 Auctions model, vs a more informative & supportive direct buying option provided by IPv4 Connect.

Differences Between IPv4 Auctions & IPv4 Connect

Our goal was to create a better experience for anyone interested in purchasing IP addresses. After months of research, we added all the features and support that was requested from over 100 IPv4 clients
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    Published IPv4 Prices
    Both IPv4 Auctions and IPv4 Connect publish the IP address prices on their e-commerce platforms. The value of this is allowing users to make comparisons and choose the best prices available. The downside of an IPv4 Auction is that by design it is meant to increase the price of the IPv4 address to the buyer.
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    Large IPv4 Inventory
    Both IPv4 Auctions and IPv4 Connect have a large inventory of IP address blocks from ARIN, RIPE and APNIC. If you don't see a particular block on IPv4 Connect, you can always request for private inventory that is not publicly listed due to sellers' request
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    Secure Payment Options
    Both platforms offer secure payment options to purchase IPv4 via direct wire transfer into a secure bank account, or by using
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    Buy Now Option
    Both IPv4 Auctions and IPv4Connect offer Buy Now options for convenience. Pv4 Auctions Buy Now Options tend to be 10% - 15% higher than IPv4 Connect
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    Detailed IPv4 Blacklist Reporting
    A unique value added service offered by IPv4 Connect is our detailed blacklist reporting for each IPv4 block we list for sale. This report creates a high level of transparency by identifying if any IP address in a range has been listed on any of the 100 global IPv4 blacklists. We are the ONLY company that offers this service for free
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    Fully Managed IPv4 Transfers
    Unlike IPv4 Auctions, the team at IPv4 Connect fully manages the transfer of each IPv4 address block. We provide detailed instructions, collect required documents, and frequently communicate with the IPv4 buyer, seller and the internet registry to ensure the IPv4 transfer completes within 2-3 weeks.
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    Pre-Approval Assistance
    When working with buyers in the ARIN and APNIC regions, our team provides steps by steps instructions to get the required pre-approval to acquire IPv4 addresses. Our team will even get on conference calls with the buyer and internet registry to streamline requests and assist with disputes.
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    Lengthy Auction Requirement
    Most companies looking to buy IP addresses also have other priorities and job functions. They don't have time to wait around for a lengthy auction to complete. This is why rather than requiring an IPv4 auction, we chose to offer buy-now options. Our clients appreciate the ability to quickly purchase IPv4 so they can focus on their network infrastructure and IT initiatives.
IPv4 Auctions vs IPv4Connect Difference
Marketplace Features
IPv4 Connect
Published Pricing
Large IPv4 Inventory
Secure Payment Options
Buy Now Option
Detailed Blacklist Reporting
Fully Managed Transfers
Pre-Approval Assistance
Lengthy Auction Requirement
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